JSTI|Eptisa supports the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food in the promotion of family farming and rural economy

The European Union delivered the first disbursement of €8million to the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food for the project "Budget support to the Family Agriculture Program for the strengthening of the rural economy in Guatemala" (AP- PAFFEC). Its main objective is to contribute to the reduction of poverty in different selected rural areas in 22 municipalities of Quiche and Alta Verapaz, within the central-northern region of the country.

In order to ensure the correct implementation of this program, the Delegation of the European Union to Guatemala awarded Eptisa a 30-month technical assistance contract to provide support to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA).

This support includes the strengthening of MAGA's institutional capacity to manage the program at the national level and will be focused on three key areas:
· Contribute to establish a PAFFEC Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System
· Improve the effectiveness of the Rural Extension System at decentralized level
· Strengthen institutional capacities in public finance management and results-based management
This will improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged rural families, promoting the development of their production systems and helping to reduce their vulnerability to natural disasters, thanks to a territorial approach, the application of sustainable agricultural practices and the integration of transversal themes, in line with the PAFFEC.

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